Tips About Green Living Lifestyle

A green living style involves making choices about how we travel, what we buy and eat, how we use things we buy and dispose them. For us to live a green life we must implement sustainability in our home, workplace and also greening the buildings that we live in. The choices we make everyday will help us create a green lifestyle.

Green living also refers to the way of life that enables us to preserve our planet, its natural resources and maintaining ecological balance of our environment. Sustainable living attempts to reduce the use of natural resources. By sustainable living we attempt to reduce carbon emission by rectifying how we consume energy, methods of transportation and the food we consume.


• Where possible use a Laptop computer
Computers have become common machine for use at the office and in our home. Laptop computer preserve energy by fifty percent as compared to desktop computers. Nowadays laptops are affordable and can easily be moved to wherever the work is available.

• Walk instead of driving where possible.
Driving result to environmental pollution due to release of dangerous gases as a result of burning fuel. Vehicles are used worldwide and a lot of harmful gases are released to the atmosphere leading to a detrimental effect into our environment. By walking you improve your health and at the same time protect our environment.

• Don’t leave tap running when brushing your teeth.
Water is a very essential commodity but easily wasted in many places. It is important to conserve water wherever we are. Use a cup or any other available container when brushing your teeth or doing any activity that requires water. This ensures that only the right quantity is used.

• Take a shower instead of bathing
Taking a bath consume more power and water as compared to a quick shower. Taking a short time even when taking shower will reduce this waste.

• Switch off light when not needed
Switch off the lights when leaving the room if it doesn’t have anyone else. This saves the energy, money and benefit to the environment.


One of the benefits of living green is the cut of cost either in a household, a community or a nation. By conserving resources and energy will help to prevent the waste of electricity, water and adopting the greener way of living that will assist us in reducing unnecessary expenses.

By reducing carbon footprints and pollution enables us to live in a healthier environment with quality air and cleaner environment. By ensuring that our environment is clean we will be building a healthier environment for ourselves, our kids and the future generations. By living a green lifestyle we will not have to fear the impact of temperatures and climatic changes which are among the cause of global warming.

The other important benefit of green living lifestyle is making this planet sustainable. The rate at which we consume the resource available in the world would leave nothing left for the future generations. This will threaten the life since there will be no water, clean air, food and harsh climate. Therefore it is important to sustain what we have through sustainable living. This will be achieved by working together as a community.

For further information on living a green lifestyle and helping to protect the environment visit Greenpeace USA and Friends of the Earth.